What is Cyber-bullying?

Written by: Keiff John Quema

Cyber bullying is a type of bullying which is done through social medias. It usually includes threatening a person through chat and humiliating a person by commenting and posting inappropriate words and photos.

Cyber-bullying is part of the anti-bullying act of 2013 but it only covers students up to high school. Adult victims can use the other provisions of the cyber-crime law, like libel and identity theft. For minors, aside from the newly approved law, it’s also widely believed that “Republic Act 7610 also known as Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act” is recognized as one of the possible laws that can be used by cyber bullying victims, specially if the act is done outside the school context.” -Ask Sonnie ( asksonnie.info )

Source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/83/07/7a/83077a540e8fdba9c4ea821edf1e76bd.jpg

The Effects

Written by: Kaye Anne Sing

The Effects of Cyber bullying to the person being bullied is like him/her against the judgement of the whole world.Cyber bullying is another way of making the life of a person Crumpled.For him/her is like how can I live if the whole world bullied me? and this can cause depression that can lead to suicide. Cyber bullying can be prevented when you know and understand the caution of social media.Avoid all the activities that can make other people bully you through Cyber bullying.Be a person that Speak “Respect” and “Respectful”.If you know a person that being cyber bullied help them and be with them because if your the only person to stand with them it could be the strength for them, it can make them think that “Even when the world bully me i still have this one person that will stay at my side” I realize that cyber bullying could ruin the life of a person and it is the hardest way of life, I don’t know how would they face it or conquer it without leading themselves to Death. But maybe a word of God and some person that will give them strength and courage to still live and proceed to their life can help then conquer it. Cyber bullying can give fame to the person who bullied and death to the person being bullied.

Source: edutopia.org
As you can see in the picture above, the two bullies didn’t kno0w what would be the effect of their act to the one who they bully.

Cyber-bullying takes place when someone harass a certain person through social medias. A bully is not a bully in the first place. Some of them are being bullied that made them into one of these. Cyber-bullying is also one of the reasons why there are suicides happening in the world. Using foul words, posting inappropriate posts and sending threats via online can trigger the one being bullied to end its life. In order to stop this problem, let’s help one another. Instead of being scared, we must fight back. Fight for what is the truth. what is appropriate, and what we think is right.

Written by: Keiff John Quema

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